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You face the same challenge every year: making sure you have enough chairs around the dining table for all of your many family and guests through the holidays.  There are some easy ways to ensure you do this year! We offer simple solutions like adding accent chairs to your dining room that can be brought to the table, placing a bench in your dining room for extra eating space away from the table, great round dining table options that make it easier to accommodate more chairs, expandable tables, and long and skinny dining tables that allow for more chairs in a narrower space. See...

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Style Guide: Luxurious Apartment on a Budget   Casual 5054 02 Black Rug We have all at least once dreamt about living in a huge mansion like all those celebrities that can enjoy their spacious living rooms, spa-like bathrooms and a king-sized bed. Unfortunately, not many people can turn this dream into reality, or so they think. In order to show you that one doesn’t have to be super-rich in order to turn their average-looking apartment into a true symbol of luxury, we’ve singled out a few tips and tricks on how to get a luxurious and trendy apartment on...

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7 Basic Décor Principles That Never Go out of Style Home design is a world of ever-changing trends, passing fads and stylish looks that embellish homes around the globe. Yet, in that world of transient trends, there are a few constants that seem to have overcome the limits of time, becoming all-time classics. And by embracing these décor principles that have classic appeal, any design enthusiast can elevate their home décor to a timeless value. Layered and stylish lighting is a must Having a major effect on the general home ambience, lighting is one of the most important design elements....

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   Marathon Runners   Karastan Runner   When buying rugs, you often just think about area rugs for your living, dining or bedroom. Your hallways can be overlooked but they need rugs too! Runners not only reduce the sound when walking down a hallway but add warmth and character to your otherwise dull hall.     Nourison Runner  Rugs play a big role in decorating as that your eyes often go directly to the floor when entering a room. Same follows for hallways, if not more so. You have options when finding the perfect runner and it all comes down to...

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