Dads and Grads Gift Guide

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With summertime right around the corner, as well as Father’s Day and graduation, it’s time to start looking for the perfect gifts. While wall décor, rugs and accessories can be appreciated by both dads and grads, we have some unique ideas that are specifically suited for each. Celebrate all the dads and grads in your life by choosing the perfect token of appreciation. If you are tired of the old tie and tool combo for dads and stuffing money in a card for grads, our unique gift ideas will send a more meaningful and authentic message.


Wall Décor

For Dads:

Everyone needs their own space, somewhere to truly be themselves, and this can be reflected through the choice of decoration. An eye-catching wall décor piece to match dad’s interest will be a nice surprise that will bring a smile to his face each time he sees it. Go with something like a rustic road sign, or maybe something that incorporates his love of hunting with a modern spin.

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For Grads:

Whether your special grad plans on moving back home or venturing out into the real world on their own, swapping their old dorm room décor for some new pieces will help prepare them for a fresh start. Choosing a piece such as the beach sign or peace sign could be the perfect way to acknowledge the new found freedom that summer brings, while choosing the wall organizer could be a more practical choice for those moving into their own place. Either way, you’re sure to impress.


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For Dads:

Staying on the theme of updating the man cave: give dad the gift of a new rug! There are rugs to fit any theme, from hunting and outdoor hobbies to manly plaids and geo-looking patterns. Whichever rug you choose should coordinate with dad’s style. A rug will tie his whole room together and make it into a space reflective of him! Not to mention, these rugs will keep dad’s feet cozy and warm.

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For Grads:  

For the graduates moving into their own apartments, or the ones starting their master’s degree in a new room, treat them with a fun and decorative rug that will help them feel exactly how you want them to feel, comfortable and at home. Go for something colorful with modern designs to brighten up the place, or keep their college memories alive by choosing their school color. You can’t go wrong by giving the gift of a rug.

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For Dads:

Want something that dad can use on his desk at work or at home? A carefully selected accessory will remind him of what he loves most and how special he is to you! Think about a sculpture that encapsulates what he loves to do in his free time, like a golf statue if he loves to hit the greens or a dinosaur if he is a kid at heart. You could do a set of quirky bookends for the book lover, or an interesting clock that will be sure to please any dad!

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For Grads:

Graduation can be a hectic time for a college student, so choosing the perfect furnishings for this new chapter of life may not be their top priority. Luckily for them, they have you to pick out some awesome accessories that can spruce up their living space. Whether it’s new bookends, poufs for some comfortable and modern seating options, or desk accessories, your grad is sure to appreciate anything that will make their new place feel like home.


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