Before & After



The sentiment of our last "Before & After" post rings true here, too: What a difference the right rug—in this case, rugs—can make! The new living space rug and complementary dining room rug help tie both areas together, while at the same time warming and cozying each separate space! (We thought we were inventing a new word, but "cozying" is actually in the dictionary; who knew!) We love to see the spaces you, our style-savvy customers, create with your purchases from us—whether you've found a rug, painting, pillow, or piece of furniture! So, send us a photo of the Rug & Home item in its new home (yours!), and we'll upload it to our "Customer Photos" Facebook album! If you're planning a room makeover or are hunting for a rug or item to replace an existing one, take a photo of your space/item before you come and see us and then after so that everyone can marvel over your design transformation here on our blog! CLICK HERE to email your photo(s).

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