Celebrate Shark Week With Rug & Home’s Shark Sculptures!

Celebrate Shark Week With Rug & Home’s Shark Sculptures!

As you’re most likely aware, the Discovery Channel's Shark Week is here again! To accompany your favorite shark-centric memories, Rug & Home just so happens to have a good number of sharks for your home! Even better, they're on sale! Check out these sharks from our store:

Branca Shark: Decorative hammerhead shark in silver-finished poly-resin works swimmingly in any nautical setting.

Rug and Home Shark Week Hammerhead Shark Sculpture


Black Tip Reef Shark: Cast in artisan-grade resin and finished in silver leaf, these lifelike fish have become a contemporary sculpture for the wall. Special mounting hardware is included to allow your fish to “swim” on the wall.

Rug and Home Shark Week Reef Shark Sculpture


We have a wider variety of sharks available on our site, but these are just a couple of our favorites. Depending on the sculpture, they can be either mounted on a wall or displayed to be free-standing. Beyond the context of Shark Week, you might be curious where how these shark sculptures would fit into your home design. If you have or are looking to decorate a room with a nautical flair, these sharks will fit right in!

Finally, if you’re looking for something else on the spectrum of nautical decor, we have plenty more to choose from; here’s our collection of nautical-themed statues and sculptures. There’s sure to be something to catch your eye!

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