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With perfectly tailored styling that satisfies our desire to dress up a bit, the Silhouette collection is at once classic, current, and quietly elegant. Designed for people who appreciate tradition yet have a modern point of view, this collection is polished and uncluttered.

Modern Silhouette is crafted of flat-cut mahogany veneers in a deep higher sheen Truffle finish that allows the wood to take center stage. The textured Plaster accent finish and stone tops add depth, while geometric checkerboard patterns, quatrefoils and interlocking motifs add a hint of unexpected whimsy.

Modern Silhouette is brilliantly soft-spoken, refined and simply beautiful. This perfectly edited collection appeals to those with an accomplished sense of style.

This brand will be added to the website shortly. In the meantime, please visit one of our showrooms to shop these products in-store.