Tina Marie

Tina has been working at the Gaffney location since 2011 as Home Furnishings Manager. She has a degree in Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising. “My first job was just as a designer working at a firm and I learned a lot about product. Then I was given the opportunity to actually teach design and sales and to work with contractors on residential and commercial projects. All of the years of experience and the many things that I learned, I now have the opportunity to do under one roof at Rug & Home. I have the job of my dreams. I get to do what I love every day!” says Tina. Tina is amazing at space planning and helps customers create their dream home. She looks not at just one piece but the entire room and then the entire home. “Your home should be a reflection of your personality. I like learning people’s personalities, likes, dislikes and dreams and then making them a reality!”


  • Expertise in space planning
  • Extensive home design knowledge
  • Experience working with an array of design styles such as traditional, contemporary, etc.


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