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  • 14/14 Hard Twist V 38 Rust Rug
  • 14/14 Hard Twist V 38 Rust Rug
  • 14/14 Hard Twist V 38 Rust Rug
sku RRUPK0013249

14/14 Hard Twist V 38 Rust Rug

Reds And Pinks Reds And Pinks Hand Knotted Hand Knotted Wool Wool $1000 And Above $1000 And Above $4000 And Above $4000 And Above Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle 12' 15' Rectangle 12' 15' Traditional Traditional

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Vintage inspired rugs are becoming more sought after than ever before and at Rug & Home we bring you the very best selection of our exclusive exquisite handmade rugs. This plush hand twisted rug features an elaborate border and center with variations in intensity in the color, which is attributed to being hand dyed. Rug & Home’s expertly hand crafted rugs are constructed by the finest artisans and made of premium materials. Our hand crafted rugs are made of the most highly durable materials which will hold true against the traffic in any area of your home for many years to come.

Rug & Home is proud to offer free shipping with every rug, art, mirror, lamp, and accessory purchase on our website.