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Help Support the Henderson Family

January 3, 2016 Selah Grace was diagnosed with stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer at age 4. She has had to endure many scans, surgeries and treatments including 12 rounds of chemotherapy, stem cell transplants and Proton Radiation. Selah suffered several side effects and complications along the way, but the family has found comfort and strength in their faith.

She was in remission for almost two years, but the cancer has returned. Now the process starts again but hope is abundant. 

The fight continues and they need our help! 


Purchase a raffle tick to win this Sari Silk Rug!

100% of the Proceeds Benefit the Henderson Family
This Sari Silk rug provides a refreshing vision for perfection
and symbolizes Ultimate Luxury! Hand Knotted from re-dyed
and vintage Sari Silk yarn – this 8x11 rug has nearly 2.5
million hand-tied knots – harmonious fusion of tradition
and innovation inspired by 16th century central Asian design.
Donated by Rug & Home.
Value $3,699.95.