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We opened the Rug & Home of Kannapolis showroom in 2010. This location features 100,000 square feet of showroom space, and thousands of rug and home furniture finds. Our selection covers a wide range of needs. Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece of modern home furniture, or your choice among our variety of designer rugs, Rug & Home has the solution for practically any demand in home decor. It’s easy to reach too! Rug & Home of Kannapolis is accessible north off the I-85 at exit 58. Also, this showroom is only 20 minutes from uptown Charlotte, a short drive from the Triad Area (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point), and in close proximity to Concord, Cornelius, Davidson, Denver, Harrisburg, Huntersville, Lexington, and Salisbury.

Customer Testimonials

  • Cheri M. Left a Rug & Home Review

    I really enjoy shopping here. The sales people are very helpful without being pushy. Every time I come here, I tell them what I am looking for and they help me find it. Thanks for your help, Caroline!

    Cheri M. Shopped with Rug & Home Kannapolis, NC

  • Sandy and Bob left a Rug & Home review

    We have visited and purchased from this Asheville location many times in the past, but our best experience to date was recently while working with Lisa Young. She was very knowledgeable, willing to help us select the size and type of rugs we desired and helped us with a special order to complete our purchase. After that, she made certain that the right people assisted us with shipping to another location where we will use the rugs purchased. Everything was made as easy and smooth as possible and we will certainly return to see more items in the future. And, we will definitely request Lisa to advise and consult with us on our needs.

    Sandy & Bob shopped at Rug & Home Asheville, NC

  • Marilyn left a review for Rug & Home

    My husband travels back and forth to Asia for work. We just finished with a renovation and are putting furniture and accessories in place. Since he is here for a limited time, I tried to find a nice rug for our new space myself, but must admit that I am not very good at it. I worked with Lisa Young at the Asheville store. She was extremely helpful to me. I went home thinking that I had made a good choice. Unfortunately, I did not. The next day my husband came back to Rug and Home with me determined to quickly find the right rug. Lisa was very helpful once again. We agreed on a beautiful rug that was not the size we needed, but Lisa was quick to check if it was available in our size. It was, but by the time it might arrive to the Asheville store, my husband would be gone. To our surprise, the next day Jeremy Priester called to tell us that our rug was at the store! I made the 1 hour drive to pick it up. When I asked how it got there so fast, Lisa and Jeremy said that the owner, Rakesh, had personally driven it up to the store that day! The rug is beautiful! We just love it. Thank you Lisa, Jeremy, and Rakesh for turning a stressful situation into a positive and memorable one!

    Marilyn A. Shopped at Rug & Home Asheville, NC

  • Karen left a review for Rug & Home

    I want to compliment Patty and the other staff members that helped me select rugs. A couple weeks ago I had the staff pull several rugs and they all worked with me on a Sunday afternoon for about 3 hours. I bought 4 rugs and started placing them in various rooms the next week. They were perfect except for one. We brought that back by the next Sunday at 5:30! Patty and the team worked hard and we found one and I left with the perfect rug by 6. Not many people in customer service these days would have worked that hard or have been so pleasant. I want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve. -Karen

    Karen H. Shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney, SC

  • Howard reviewed Rug & Home Pineville

    This is a thank you for Dana at the Pineville store for helping my wife and me with information related to accessories for the home.

    Howard B. Shopped at Rug & Home Pineville, NC

  • I purchased an oriental rug which I absolutely loved; however when I got home I realized the type of oriental rug was not a good fit for me. I called our sales person, Michael Tenney and let him know I was bringing it back. Showed up on Day 7 and he was available and we talked about the rug and what worked for me. So we looked for another rug. I thought it was considerate when he asked if I was comfortable with the price I had paid which was twice what I had planned to do. I appreciated that question! We found another oriental rug of a type that works for me and I could not be happier! Ended up getting one that was the same price. This was a great experience and my purchase will last a lifetime. Thanks to Micheal and Rug and Home!

    LeAnne P. Shopped with Rug & Home Gaffney, SC

  • We were looking for rugs and went to Rug & Home in Kannapolis, NC.Janice King worked with us and was so helpful. She walked with us through the showroom and showed us rugs that she thought would work in our price range and colors. I had taken some fabric with me. We found the perfect rugs. Janice made our shopping experience great. We will definitely go back there to shop.

    Brenda P. Shopped at Rug and Home Kannapolis, NC

  • Eric T. left a review for Rug & Home Asheville

    We had been looking for a rug and could not find what we wanted in our size and price range. We went to Rug&Home in Asheville, and Victoria met us and guided us through the showrooms, showing us what we could get in our price range, after telling her what we wanted, we found the PERFECT rug! It was a pleasure shopping here and I definitely recommend them.

    Eric T. Shopped at Rug & Home Asheville, NC

  • Tamela S. left a review of Rug & Home Gaffney, SC

    Wow what an awesome experience! I called Rug & Home and spoke to Rebecca Cate. I was searching for a table that seemed to be impossible to find.
    Rebecca and her manager did the unexpected they found the table. I was flabbergasted Rebecca and the team at Rug & More exceeded my expectations.
    I would gladly purchase from Rug & More again. Way to go Rebecca and team. 

    Tamela S. Shopped with Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Lisa Young met me at the door on my first visit to Rug & Home in Asheville, NC. I knew what I needed but I had no idea what color, design or size of rug would look best with what was in the room. Lisa took her time with me, did not rush or confuse me. She took me one room at a time, stayed in my price range and brought things to my attention I should consider before choosing. Lisa really has a eye for the over-all look customer is wanting to achieve. After 3 visits to see Lisa I bought 4 rugs, all different sizes. I appreciate Lisa's time and sincere help in my shopping experience.

    Nina W. Shopped at Rug & Home Asheville

  • Great selection, and our sales associate was awesome.

    James R. shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Great service. Worked with Charlotte and she was exceptional!

    Patty G. Shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Wanda was very helpful. A wonderful experience. Thank you.

    Michelle J. shopped at Rug & Home Kannapolis

  • Michael was vary knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with!

    Jeannie P. shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Tina Marie was great! Very friendly and helpful.

    Joseph S. shopped at Rug & Home Kannapolis

  • Love the store and Kie Kie!

    Sally A. shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Great service, Michael was awesome!

    Kelly S. shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Lynn's customer service and knowledge are exceptional.

    Cathy C. shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Outstanding service from Margret!

    Mary Ann H. shopped at Rug & Home Kannapolis

  • Excellent service, amazing inventory. Lynn is wonderful!

    Betty C. shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Really liked being able to see all of my rug choices on the floor and having a sales associate assist me in my decision.

    Stephanie M. shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Charlotte was very helpful and knowledgeable.

    Jeff K. shopped at Rug & Home Kannapolis

  • Really appreciated the help from Jennie!

    Susan M. shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Great customer service and selection.

    Linda G. shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Wanda was very nice and patient.

    Sophia G. shopped with Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Lynn was awesome and kept working with us until we had the perfect rug! Great listening. Took initiative!

    Kate T. Shopped at Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Barbara and Ray shared their Rug & Home experience

    We just wanted to say thank you for the amazing Backlava, it is the best we have ever had. This was such a personal touch that I have never received from anywhere else ever. Your customer service is one of a kind. We enjoyed every last piece of the Baclklava and wish we had more. Thank you again so much, we will be purchasing from you again & will recommend you to any one that may ask. Thanks, Barb & Ray 

    Barbara and Ray Shopped Rug & Home Asheville

  • Excellent  selection, return policy and wonderful customer service.

    Elizabeth H. shopped with Rug & Home Gaffney

  • Linda Kannapolis NC Rug&Home Customer Review

    Merry Christmas!

    Today we received a lovely, unexpected gift in the mail from Rug and Home! We are having our family get-together Friday, so I will put it out to share.

    The accompanying pamphlet about all charities was uplifting! I enjoyed a quick browsing to discover what you had already told us about the owner.

    We purchased a beautiful 9’ x 12’ handmade rug from you last summer. Everyone who sees it comments on what a beautiful rug it is! I always recommend they see YOU!

    I am emailing you because you are our connection, and I want you to know how touched I was to see such a nice gift, and to also tell you we continue to be really happy with our purchase. You patiently educated us – we needed it! We are in the process of doing some updates, including painting, so when we can, we want to return for a couple of runners…maybe even another large rug for the dining room, if I can talk my hubby into it, and we will definitely ask for YOU!!

    Merry Christmas, Charlotte!


    Linda Shopped Rug&Home Kannapolis

  • Evelyn Customer Review

    Loved my sales girl so friendly and helpful I also love my rug

    Evelyn B. Shopped Rug&Home Asheville

  • Sunsan Rug&Home Customer Review

    We had such great success finding rugs for our new home that when my daughter and future son in law came to Asheville to visit for Thanksgiving, I gave them a Christmas present of a trip to Rug & Home to pick out a rug for their DC apartment. They were ecstatic with their choice and even happier with the wonderful experience of shopping with their professional staff and all their help. It is actually fun shopping for rugs at this store. The staff and management are TOPS. And I promise, I am not related in any way to them!

    Susan Shopped Rug&Home Asheville

  • Mike Customer Review

    Great sales person. Very knowledgeable and professional. Without her we may be still looking for what we wanted. We have already referred her to a client coming tomorrow, Monday the 29th. 

    Mike and Nancy

    Mike M. Shopped Rug&Home Gaffney

  • Customer review of rug in home

    Michael Tenney was very helpful and patient with us. It was overwhelming to see so many rugs but it also was good to know that there was a great selection to choose from. Michael walked my husband and I through and picked out the types of rugs that we were looking for. He gave us time to discuss and fuss and pulled any of the rugs for us to look at on the floor. I was able to narrow it down and made my choice. We are not from the area and my husband was pressuring me as he wanted to get on the road! Michael made it easier for me to take the challenge of making a decision and turn it into a successful purchase! Thank you so much.

    Mareen B. Shopped with Rug&Home Gaffney

  • Jodi Customer Review of Rug&Home

    Madonna was awesome. I am very indecisive when it comes to home decor!!! She helped me find the perfect rug!!!!!

    Jodi G. Shopped with Rug&Home Kannapolis

  • Dana Customer Review of Rug&Home

    Matt Jackson assisted us in buying a rug! He was awesome! We were helped immediately and in and out in under 30 minutes!

    Dana H. Shopped with Rug&Home Kannapolis

  • Frances Customer Review of Rug&Home

    Matt Jackson was most helpful. He knew where to find a runner that complimented the rug we purchased.

    Frances E. Shopped with Rug&Home Kannapolis

  • Benny Customer Review of Rug&Home

    Wonderful experience. Found just what I was looking for.

    Benny M. Shopped with Rug&Home Kannapolis

  • Deborah Reviewed Rug&Home Kannapolis

    This is the 4th rug I have bought here. The selection is always fantastic and the service excellent. Matt Jackson greeted me and directed me to the racks with the size rug I needed. He left me with a bag of clips and checked back on me quite often. I found the perfect rug for my guest room. The rug was loaded into my car and home I went. A very pleasant shopping experience.

    Thanks Rug & Home!

    Deborah R. Shopped with Rug&Home Kannapolis

  • Janice Customer review of Rug&Home Asheville

    We purchased a traditional rug for our living room. We had a wonderful time selecting our rug. Jeremy Priester was patient and informative and showed us every possible rug from least expensive to most expensive, explaining advantages and disadvantages of each. We learned a lot - picked our favorites (which were different from what we originally had in mind). The staff spread them on the floor and we were able to walk around and on (and even lay on ) each. We both knew which one we wanted as soon as we saw it on the floor. Thanks Jeremy!

    Janice I. Shopped with Rug&Home Asheville

  • Katie Rug in Room and Home

    Looks as nice as I thought it would (and the cats like it too).
    So glad I stopped in to give your Gaffney store a look. 
    Michael T made a good impression and really cared that I was satisfied with the purchase.

    Katie P. Shopped with Rug&Home Gaffney

  • Kathy Customer Review

    Super service. Great selection

    Kathy R. Shopped with Rug&Home Gaffney

  • Donna Customer Review

    Absolutely love the rugs I purchased. The sales rep. Was awesome, very friendly and knowledgeable. Very pleased.

    Donna K. Shopped with Rug&Home Gaffney

  • Monica Customer Review

    Casey was a fantastic sales person. Answered every question and made looking at rugs easy! Thanks Rug and Home

    Monica B. Shopped with Rug&Home Asheville

  • Cyndi Customer Review

    What an experience! We walked through the front door and never knew there were so many rugs! Thank you Michael T. for your expertise and wealth of knowledge in the world of rugs. You helped us find the perfect rug for the dining room of our new home. I thought I needed a gray rug but I was so helped us expand our options and now we have the most beautiful rug to create the perfect setting for our formal/ not so formal room. We couldn't have done this without you....we'll be back when we're ready to tackle the next project.

    Cyndi O. Shopped with Rug&Home Gaffney

  • Nick Customer Review

    Great experience! Michael and Tina Marie

    Nick F. Shopped with Rug&Home Gaffney

  • Tamara Customer Review

    Had a wonderful experience with Wanda. That many rugs is quite overwhelming, but she spent her time helping me pick out rugs. 2 more to go. Thanks Wanda

    Tamara C. Shopped with Rug&Home Gaffney

  • Soijett Customer Review

    Madonna took such great care of us! Our entire rug buying experience has been so impressive! We now have a rug store. From online contacts to in store associates, the level of professionalism is top notch! Thanks!

    Soijett Shopped with Rug&Home Kannapolis

  • Gail Customer Review

    Best selection of rugs in the area. Great service and friendly checkout. Large selection of Karastan.

    Gail M. Shopped with Rug&Home Asheville

  • Debbie Customer Review

    Salesman was very nice and helpful. Had a very good experience. I think the sales persons name was a Jeremy. We were there on January 3rd

    Debbie P. Shopped with Rug&Home Asheville

  • Cheryl Customer Review of Rug&Home Kannapolis

    We purchased an area rug 01/19/2018 and really like the way it looks with our furniture.

    Cheryl K. Shopped with Rug&Home Asheville

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